About us

We help young ventures De-Risk their first steps in Mass Media.

With over 20 years of experience we understand the challenges faced by young clients making their first steps across mass marketing channels.

Getting things right first time can be difficult and mistakes can be costly.

 So working in partnership with the world’s largest media brands we ensure every campaign  provides the basis for long term growth.

Past partnerships have helped generate:

Over £3 billion in market valuations

15 successful Series B funding rounds

Record App installs

100% revenue increases

No.1 App across Android and Apple charts

Market dominance across dating, e-commerce, entertainments, travel, gig-economy and Fin-Tech sectors.

Successful UK market entry for overseas clients

Failed campaigns work for no-one, so we use offset risk structures such as media for equity; media for revenue; cost per acquisition and late space agreements to ensure long term returns for clients and media owners.

Our relationships span Venture Capitalists, Founders, Marketing Directors and Media Owners, who all share the same goals of growth, revenue and profits.

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Using offline mass media to optimise online channels

Increasing free website traffic by 10%

Securing top spot on the App charts

Mass awareness and response

1 million installs in 6 months

Driving both sides of an online marketplace

Driving both sides of an online marketplace

Successful ventures are built on many things

For the right partners, Rock Soup can be the catalyst for accelerated growth and global expansion.

To find out why we’re the right partner please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.