Business Founders

Running day to day operations and managing a growing team can be a struggle especially if you’re spending huge amounts of time chasing your next funding round.

Digital marketing still drives sales but there comes a point when growth plateaus and you face a choice affecting the future of your venture.

Do you stick with online marketing channels and diminishing returns? Or use traditional mass media and risk the level of spend it takes to compete with blue chip brands?

What if there was a way you could benefit from a big brand sized advertising campaign without the multi million pound investment?

A way of turbo-charging and outperforming your existing digital media mix?

A way of testing, optimising and creating return on investment at every stage?

Rock Soup was created to find a way.

We understand your need for a competitive edge, so using our experience of working with Europe’s largest Media owners ensure every part of the advertising process is tilted in your favour.

We don’t do different things, we just do things differently – exploring every option and leveraging every possible advantage to deliver you a mass audience on terms specifically designed for your business model.

Initially focusing on London, with its 8.7 million inhabitants we put your message in front of the most valuable audience in the world, building brand equity, and allowing you to benefit from a strategy already delivering market leadership for some of Europe’s fastest growing start-ups.

Unlimited media budgets cover a multitude of sins but when you need every penny to work you need to give us a call.

To find out why we’re the right partner please contact us for an initial chat.