In today’s business world only those who outspend or out-think the competition survive……so what if you could do both using strategies already delivering results for Europe’s largest ventures?

Successful ideas attract competition, making digital marketing increasingly difficult to scale……. still driving results but falling short of the growth your portfolio needs.

The leap forward depends on accelerating beyond existing users, reaching new customers and creating defendable brands.

The challenge is achieving this in a crowded media landscape without risking short term cash flow or leaving other areas of the business starved of funds.

We understand…..

……you’re not  involved in the day to day decision making of your investments but know you are always looking to deliver an edge to your founders.

Rock Soup Media give that edge using strategies already delivering clear competitive advantage for some of Europe’s highest valuation start-ups.

By aligning the interests of traditional media owners with growth stage start-ups we ensure your investments reach out to new customers across prime media sites ranging from Tube posters, London buses and billboards to Radio, Press and TV.

Successful ventures are built on many things

Rock Soup Media understand how access to the right media at the right time transforms solid investments into portfolio superstars.

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