Marketing Solutions

Whether you’ve worked in a venture from the start or joined for the next stage of the growth we understand the pressures of meeting business targets and investor expectations

Hitting targets and juggling ever increasing work loads leaves little time to assess new opportunities.

You’ll work in the most challenging roles in your sector, where every decision effects the future of the company - which is where Rock Soup Media can help.

We provide the mass media experience, contacts and skills necessary to de-risk your offline strategy and drive accelerated growth.

Many of our clients find digital channels perfect for driving early customer acquisition but difficult to scale past a certain point.

Leading to increased pressure just as you enter the perfect storm of higher competition, rising prices and saturation of your target audience.

To reach the desired growth curve you need to scale beyond online channels but know that every penny has to be justified, defended and accounted for at the next Board meeting.

Our proven strategy provides you with access to the world’s most valuable audience in a manner offsetting risk and allowing you to test, learn and optimise new channels.

By targeting the London audience during their daily commute, especially in high dwell time locations, we create an unrivalled platform of trust, understanding and awareness which optimises performance across your digital marketing channels.

This approach has accelerated growth and driven performance gains for Europe’s best known start-ups. Please fill out the contact form to find out how you can reach to the most valuable audience in the world.