Delivered 1 million installs for Y-Plan ticketing App within 6 months of launch

Delivered 1 million installs for Y-Plan ticketing App within 6 months of launch

The brief

Y-Plan was taking on the big boys of the ticket industry and wanted to reach promoters on one side of the marketplace, and increase downloads amongst young, affluent, party goers on the other


The challenge, to use the client’s own words, was in achieving a ‘rock star campaign with a start-up budget’


The first meeting set the tone for a 4 year partnership which saw successful funding rounds and worldwide expansion, with the Founder realising from the start he’d need to do things differently in order to succeed. We approached every discussion as partners and by working together built an agreement which delivered huge short term exposure by leveraging the future revenue returns of the venture


The solution was based media for equity type agreement which reduced up-front risk and used a combination of pre-planning and just in time delivery to secure massive traction for their launch.  The key factor was in securing Board level buy-in and maintining the flexibility to react to changing needs


he App secured over 1 million downloads and became one of London’s best known entertainment brands, creating breakthrough awareness amongst a core young audience and gaining the attention of London’s largest Venture Capital investors.


“A performance based agreement provided the flexibility we needed as a start up to test and optimise new marketing channels, we couldn’t have grown as fast without it”


8th May 2017