Helped Task Rabbit build and dominate online marketplace

Helped Task Rabbit build and dominate online marketplace

The brief

Fresh from raising $30 million dollars, this U.S based client saw the U.K as a perfect launchpad for European expansion. The Transatlantic phone call was short and simple, make us famous, hit the agreed KPIs and make sure we don’t get fired for using a new channel!


The client had previously avoided offline advertising due to prohibitive entry costs, but with no brand awareness in the UK combined with a wider lack of understanding around the gig economy they were seeing little traction from search and needed something to boost their digital efforts.


Our approach established a win-win for client and media owner, which was supported by running a series of Facebook tests to prove the potential of the London audience, then with a set of re-assuring performance metrics we then planned the perfect offline campaign.


We overcame budget restrictions by structuring a part-payment, part-performance agreement  and delivered breakthrough coverage across London using dwell time posters to convey the core brand proposition, supported with high cover/ frequency posters to drive installs.


The 4 week test delivered an immediate 100% spike in installs, a 50% increase in job postings and a 10% increase in conversion rates. The test led to a three year relationship which established London as their top performing global marketplace.


“This new approach to mass media immediately doubled our user base and had a transformational effects across all our other acquisition channels”


8th May 2017