Broadband Genie – Dominated London With De-Risked Tube Advertising

Broadband Genie – Dominated London With De-Risked Tube Advertising

The brief

Broadband Genie wanted to increase brand awareness and counter rising customer acquisition costs from digital channels.


The client saw offline brand building advertising as the perfect way to increase ‘Broadband Genie’ google search but faced one major challenge.

Offline was a step into the unknown and small budgets meant we had to find ways of de-risking their first steps across untested media channels.


To reduce risk we built a bespoke advertising partnership around unsold London Tube advertising posters.

This reduced the up-front media entry costs and allowed us to drive unfair share of voice across the Broadband category.


The solution was a Media for Revenue type partnership which gave Broadband Genie tried and tested campaign weights and durations within limited budgets.

The campaign ensured they were everywhere across the Tube network ……. and meant they hit prospective customers not once but 10-20 times each every single day! (As can be seen by clicking on the video link below)


This turned previously unused posters into rocket fuel mass awareness and created a win-win partnership between the client, who saw immediate brand search growth, and the media owner who generated new revenue using spare capacity.


The Tube campaign delivered unmissable London coverage and put the Broadband Genie in front of 4 million Londoners over 30 times each.

The client reported increased brand search and repeated the activity to great effect 4 weeks later.


“The London campaigns were fantastic and generated clear brand search and brand awareness growth’.


9th May 2017