built a platform for category domination built a platform for category domination

The brief wanted to build brand awareness whilst maintaining low cost acquisition costs.


Previous attempts at offline marketing had generated mixed results and the challenge was to hit the ground running against strict performance KPIs.


We used an open exchange of information including website traffic, basket value and conversion rates to structure an agreement which firstly offered and then delivered clear gains for all parties.


Combining the efforts of marketing, sales and digital teams we adapted the best performing online creative for Out of Home poster sites and used a part payment, part performance structure to secure reduced risk advertising. This approach applied online optimisation techniques to traditional media and drove significant results across both branding and performance metrics.


The test campaign created an immediate spike in new customers and a 25% increase in average order value – The client now uses offline media as a core element of their overall strategy and regularly sees the vast majority of their 1 million plus monthly web visitors coming via direct, brand and organic search.


“This approach generated much needed mass awareness, on top of this, our Out of Home campaign was also one of our best performing revenue channels.”


9th May 2017