turbo charged online acquisition channels using London Tube posters turbo charged online acquisition channels using London Tube posters

The brief had seen a decline in performance from existing digital channels after pressure from a  host of new mobile dating apps. The brief was to find a way of reaching new customers whilst justifying ongoing investment in offline.


We had the challenge of achieving measurable results using a very limited investment, the key to achieving buy-in on both sides was to convince stakeholders of the long term potential of the partnership.


From the first meeting we concentrated on building the perfect advertising solution, one giving the best chance of early success, before reverse engineering an agreement which suited all parties – far better to have a scalable long term relationship than to have a failed test where no-one benefitted.


By matching key dating periods with pockets of low demand across suitable media formats, and using an agreement based on life time share of new members we ensured all parties received clear ROI at every stage. We covered all initial set up costs and removed any risk for the media partner and turned untapped audiences into huge revenue generators.


The campaign generated over 5000 new members and had a clear halo effect on digital and TV performance, However the key measure of success was the fact that a short term test developed into four year relationship generating over £1 million in incremental advertising revenue, double digit brand awareness growth  and significant conversion optimisation across all other acquisition channels.


“The opportunity to work as a partner rather than a customer allowed us to test a highly scalable new media channel, the results have been great for everyone.”


9th May 2017