Media for equity

As market leader you attract the majority of customers in your sector but realise future growth depends on reaching the mass audience yet to hear of your product or service.

Often being first to market brings the challenge of building awareness and consideration of your proposition.

Succeed and your venture secures market dominance but delays or mistakes can leave you searching for additional funding to fight off new entrants.

Your first steps in mass offline media bring risk in terms of financial outlay and growth trajectory, so it pays to explore every option before making the leap.

Media for Equity agreements are an alternative investment model allowing growth stage ventures to secure mass media campaigns in exchange for a future share of growth.

Young companies benefit by reaching millions of untapped customers whilst preserving precious cash-flow and gaining the support of a powerful media partner.

Media for Equity as an investment model is popular across Europe, where tens of millions have been invested since 2008, and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK with Channel 4, Exterion Media and The DMGT group operating schemes

Hundreds of start-ups have so far benefited from Media for Equity, with companies such as Zalando, Job Today and Trivago just a few examples of ventures using the Media for Equity model.

Access to a mass audience when you most need it.

To find out whether Media for Equity is the right solution for your growth stage venture please contact us for an initial chat.