Advertise like a GIANT

AMPLIFY limited marketing budgets

Create early MOMENTUM

Attract the attention of BUYERS



Make your Brand Famous

With Mass Media Made Easy


Big Brands know the secret to scale.

Breakthrough with huge advertising campaigns and repeat until they dominate a marketplace.


Simple with massive marketing budgets….


Harder without.


Traditional advertising creates household names but presents younger brands with an  impossible challenge….


…..How to compete with established brands and bigger rivals across expensive new marketing channels?


 Many can’t. 

Leaving them struggling for awareness while rivals hoover up marketshare.


You can’t win playing by someone else’s rules.


But you can using advertising strategies already working for Europe’s fastest growing ventures.


Same breakthrough, same fame, same results ….all on a fraction of big brand budgets.


Click to see how you can turn limited spend into unmissable advertising campaigns.



Learn the strategy of market leaders

Business Founders

Discover the secret to scalable growth

Marketing Solutions

Turbo charge your media mix

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Generate profit from untapped assets


What do we do?

We make young brands look Epic. 


Traditional advertising built the world’s biggest brands….. and if you have the money required to dominate your marketplace you won’t need our services.


We specialise in one thing.


Transforming limited advertising budgets into big brand fame.  


We help challengers even up the odds, breakthrough and secure the marketing share of voice needed for growth.


Past Partners

Vitality Health – Used De-Risked advertising partnerships to launch and grow a brand Leader

Strong Roots – Amplified Their Advertising Spend Using Results Based Tube Advertising

BOL Foods – Used Spare Capacity Out of Home Advertising Deals To Create A Plant Based Giant turbo charged online acquisition channels using a spare capacity London Tube advertising partnership

Broadband Genie – Dominated London With De-Risked Tube Advertising

Rebel Kitchen – Transformed A Tiny Budget Into A Billion Views – Built an industry giant on the back of shared reward advertising.

Delivered 1 million installs for Y-Plan ticketing App within 6 months of launch

Task Rabbit – Built A Brand Leader With Out of Home Posters

How do we do it?

The path to growth isn’t a secret…… You’ll see the same strategy working time and again for market leaders.

Break through with distinctive advertising, dominate share of voice and repeat……
The challenge is doing it on a budget.

Using a range of alternative buying strategies we put big brand advertising campaigns within easy reach of younger brands.

Are you ready to grow

Growth channels

Grow Outdoor

Breakthrough FAME and RESPONSE

Grow Underground

DOMINATE Europe's most important SCALE-UP marketing channel.

Grow on Tv

Drive TV Conversions TEN TIMES LOWER than Competitors.

Grow in Press

De-Risk your Acquisitions with Shared Growth advertising Models

Grow on Radio

DRIVE BAND & PERFORMANCE with bespoke advertising partnerships

Grow in London

DOMINATE Europe's most important marketplace on a fraction of competitor spend.

Who do we work with?


If you’re a young brand looking to raise awareness we can help.

When Europe’s fastest growing digital and FMCG Ventures wanted to speak to the world we made sure the world took notice.

Rock Soup Media Clients

How are Rock Soup Media different?

Big brands have the time, money and experience to make traditional advertising work.

Challengers don’t have these luxuries.

We’re not an advertising agency.

We’re your advertising fairy Godmother….

Helping you change the game, bend the rules and tip the advertising odds in your favour.

Rock Soup Media Testimonials

There are challenger footprints on the moon,

we know because we put them there.

Ten things to consider

before spending anything in Mass Advertising channels.

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